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Australian state sees a coronavirus surge - 'strict lockdown' no going out in place

Sat, Jul 4, 2020 6:50 AM

Cases of COVID-19 have been climbing all week in Australia's second most populous city of Melbourne. The count of new cases has been hovering around 70 for the past days but the latest update is 108 new cases (biggest jump in more than 3 months).

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: AUD made a bit of headway

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 8:16 PM

Forex news for North American trade on July 3, 2020: - US virus cases up 2.1% vs 2.1% a day earlier Markets: - Gold up $2 to 1777 - WTI crude oil down 33-cents to $40.32 The US was closed for a holiday and Canada didn't bring any news or market moves to the table. Overall it was a typical

California reports 8045 coronavirus cases vs 4056 yesterday

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 6:28 PM

The latest data for California Confirmed cases now 248,253 vs 240,195 yesterday. If you exclude the lab backlog, this is the worst day yet. 6/22: 4,230 6/23: 5,019 6/24: 7,149 6/25: 5,349 6/26: 4,890 6/27: 5,972 6/28: 4,810 6/29: 5,307 6/30: 6,637 7/01: 9,740 -total includes 3,842 lab backlog cases 7/02: 7,538 - "" 3,482 ""

US CDC reports 53,301 coronavirus cases yesterday vs 54,357 a day earlier

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 6:26 PM

The latest numbers from the CDC

Alabama coronavirus cases rise by a record 1754

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 3:53 PM

The Alabama is an emerging hotspot

WHO official highlights virus mutation to make it more infectious

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 3:45 PM

Official cites evidence about more-infection strain The story has been doing the rounds today and WHO expert Van Kerkhove cited it in today's briefing but he also noted that there's no evidence that it's more dangerous (or less).

European equity close: Soft finish to a good week

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 3:35 PM

Closing changes for the main European indexes On the week: The back-and-fill continues everywhere.

Arizona coronavirus cases 4433 vs 3333 yesterday

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 3:22 PM

Coronavirus data for July 3, 2020

WHO's Ryan: No vaccine is far enough along that there will be a signal of efficacy

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 3:13 PM

Comments from WHO official Mike Ryan These aren't the most-cheerful comments.

Florida coronavirus cases rise 5.6% vs 5.8% seven-day average

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 2:32 PM

Florida coronavirus data published July 3, 2020 (date updated as it's reported): US stock futures dipped on this data and S&P 500 futures are down 20 points. It's slightly below the 7-day average but it's still extreme on its own, at nearly 10000 cases for two days running. Yesterday had looked like a bit of an

Canadian stocks edge lower with the US closed

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 2:06 PM

Not much happening north of the border Canada's TSX is open for trading today but volumes will be light and barring any major surprises, I wouldn't expect much of a move. Today the index is down 0.15%.

Brazil June Markit services PMI 35.9 vs 27.6 prior

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 1:03 PM

Brazil recovers even with the virus raging We don't normally cover Brazilian data but there's nothing else going on right now and it might offer a baseline for other countries that have tackled infections.

Coronavirus continues to simmer in Saudi Arabia

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 12:56 PM

Saudi Arabia reports 4193 cases vs 3383 yesterday Early in June there was considerable worry about spiking coronavirus cases in Saudia Arabia. Since then they appear to have blunted the spike but haven't been able to reverse the rise. The 4193 cases today are the eighth worst day for the country.

No economic data today, just coronavirus news

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 12:26 PM

It's the 4th of July holiday US markets are closed today for the independence day holiday but S&P 500 mini futures are trading. They're about 3 points below fair value and there isn't much of a signal there.

ForexLive European FX news wrap: All quiet as the weekend looms

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 11:19 AM

Forex news from the European trading session - 3 July 2020 Headlines: Markets: - NZD leads, GBP lags on the day - European equities lower; E-minis down 0.1%

France's Macron appoints Jean Castex as prime minister

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 10:46 AM

Castex will succeed Eduoard Phillipe, who resigned earlier today

European equities sag amid quiet trading

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 10:25 AM

European indices ease further, gradually extending losses on the session There isn't any fresh catalyst driving the moves here as European equities are sagging amid a more quiet and thinner liquidity session. The DAX is now down by 0.6% with other European indices also seeing similar losses as the risk mood tilts a little to the

German chancellor Merkel to meet with Dutch PM Rutte next week

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 10:21 AM

The meeting is confirmed by a German government spokesperson The two will be meeting in Berlin on Thursday next week. This is likely to iron out a possible compromise ahead of the EU summit that is due to take place on 17-18 July. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled in case we hear of anything

AUDUSD upside bias, but low liquidity warrants caution

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 9:06 AM

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What's happening at the start of the trading day?

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 9:04 AM

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UK PM Johnson on Brexit: We need to get a good deal

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 8:42 AM

Comments by UK prime minister, Boris Johnson - We are not remotely being disrespectful to the EU - Don't think it is right to proceed by obeying EU rules - There is a good agreement to be reached Just some token remarks by Johnson as all of this continues to allude to the fact that both sides are still

UK June final services PMI 47.1 vs 47.0 prelim

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 8:30 AM

Latest data released by Markit/CIPS - 3 July 2020 - Composite PMI 47.7 vs 47.6 prelim The preliminary report can be found . Little change compared to the initial estimates, as this just reaffirms a modest bounce in UK business activity relative to May and after the historic slump seen back in April.

Germany's Merkel: EU recovery fund negotiations are 'rocky'

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 8:09 AM

Further comments by Merkel - Time is pressing to reach agreement on EU recovery fund - The goal is to get an agreement before the summer break Considering their history of getting things done, it is more likely that this may get postponed beyond the summer than actually seeing a compromise in two weeks' time.

Eurozone June final services PMI 48.3 vs 47.3 prelim

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 8:00 AM

Latest data released by Markit - 3 July 2020 - Composite PMI 48.5 vs 47.5 prelim The preliminary report can be found . The revision higher is predicated by the better French and German readings earlier as well, but the story remains very much the same.

Germany June final services PMI 47.3 vs 45.8 prelim

Fri, Jul 3, 2020 7:55 AM

Latest data released by Markit/BME - 3 July 2020 - Composite PMI 47.0 vs 45.8 prelim The preliminary report can be found . A more positive revision relative to initial estimates, as we see the German economy rebound modestly in the month of June following the end of lockdown measures.